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Hey, in the wild world of TCG, returns for sealed stuff are a no-go. 
We pride ourselves in making sure all packages are properly packed and safe to ship, but we know shipping accidents happen.
But no worries, if your package rolls in damaged or not as advertised, hit us up at INFO@POKENRAVE.COM, with the subject

"REFUND ORDER #..." and we'll sort things out for you. 

Now, let's talk cancellations before the shipping party starts.

There's a
3% fee attached – blame those payment processing wizards. We deduct it from your refund.

If you need to bail on an order before it hits the road, drop a quick email to INFO@POKENRAVE.COM with the subject "CANCEL ORDER #...".

Oh, and one more thing – if you're reaching out about a cancellation or refund, make sure to include your order number in the email.
It helps us speed up the process. Thanks for being awesome and rolling with the POKE N RAVE!

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